S04E06: Legalise Minestrone!

Delicious Hunks, we’re finishing our 4th season with a glorious hyper-stylised bang. We’ve watched 2016’s “The Love Witch” and now that the fever has broken and the visions subsided, we’re ready to talk about it. What marks has this endeavor left on us? What temperature are our takes? Did we learn anything at all? Join us on a urine and rosemary soaked voyage into the maddening gyre of patriarchal romance!

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Important Links this season!
The Bechdel Test – http://bechdeltest.com/
#SeeHer – https://www.seeher.com/storytellers
Tasha Robinson – We’re Losing Female Characters to Trinity Syndrome

This episode’s plugs:
Ret – “Canopy” by Karine Bernadou
Ben – No Feeling is Final
Simon – Mint

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