S04E04: You Robbed Banks?!

Season 4 continues! This episode we’re getting deep and silly about 1997’s “Jackie Brown“, a film starring Samuel L. Jackson’s fashion sense and Michael Keaton’s perception of cool. There’s no need to page your bail bondsman or adjust the EQ settings on your car radio, just settle in with us for some small-time crime fun!

Important Links this season!
The Bechdel Test – http://bechdeltest.com/
#SeeHer – https://www.seeher.com/storytellers
Tasha Robinson – https://tinyurl.com/mq9aebq
Outtake – How Tarantino Made Race a Central Theme of ‘Jackie Brown’

This episode’s plugs:
Ret – “My Big Life” by Bailey Sharp
Ben – Reply All Podcast
Simon –  Oh Joy Sextoy (Very NSFW!!)

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