S04E03: The Sexual Gourmet

Activate your clam-shell devices and swipe up, it’s The Young Hunks Podcast! Continuing to probe the Bechdel Test, the hunks bend their brains around the 2014 horror hit “It Follows“. What is “it”? Why does “it follow”? Does “it” matter? What actually follows are discussions about semiotics, ratboys, and Mum’s spaghetti, so get down on that hot business.

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Important Links this season!
The Bechdel Test – http://bechdeltest.com/
#SeeHer – https://www.seeher.com/storytellers
Tasha Robinson – https://tinyurl.com/mq9aebq
AV Club – Someone has charted the path of the creature in It Follows

This episode’s plugs:
Ben – “The Haunting of Hill House” (2018)
Ret – “Maniac” (2018)
Simon – Hyper Light Drifter 

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