S04E02: Dark Carnival Dolly

Gather round Smooth Sharks and Lizard Shamans, it’s time to feast on the marrow of another delicious podcast! This episode we discuss 1980’s star-studded “9 to 5” in our ongoing quest to figure out what good female representation looks like. So far it’s a lot of reckless gun usage and a general disrespect towards the dead, but we’re into it.

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Important Links this season!
The Bechdel Test – http://bechdeltest.com/
#SeeHer – https://www.seeher.com/storytellers
Tasha Robinson – https://tinyurl.com/mq9aebq
The Guardian – Is 9 to 5 really a Feminist Movie?
Ted Talk – Jane Fonda & Lily Tomlin on Female Friendship

This episode’s plugs:
Ben – Who Gives a Crap
Ret – In Good Company Podcast
Simon – “Mustang” (2015), Kanopy streaming service

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