S03E01: Soft Contours/Square Head

**Content Warning: 28:15-30:06**
Y’all remember Brendan Fraser? Well, The Young Hunks do and there has never been a better time to delve head first into his cinematic body of work! That’s right, Season 3 is here and with it come cryptic omens – do they foretell joyous prosperity or unrelenting darkness for the Hunks?! Watch “Gods and Monsters” with us to find out!

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This episode’s plugs:
Ret – “Lizzo” https://youtu.be/9yzsh-PDF30

Simon – “Lindsay Ellis – The Hobbit: A Long-Expected Autopsy” https://youtu.be/uTRUQ-RKfUs

Ben – “Sourpuss Sour Beer” https://craftypint.com/beer/3745/wayward-brewing-co-sourpuss, “Mayvers’s Protein+” http://mayvers.com.au/product/mayvers-peanut-butter-hemp/

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